About PAZ's Tokenomics


PAZ's tokenomics are designed to provide a dynamic NFT marketplace in the form of a metaverse, allowing for more seamless transactions. Users can trade NFTs in games or virtual reality spaces while earning $PAZ as a reward for participating in Pararium's activities. The $PAZ token will be used in the following ways:

  1. Users can use $PAZ to receive discounts on fees when purchasing NFTs from brands or creators. The $PAZ used for fee discounts will be moved to the platform's fee pool. From the fee pool, 5% will be burned, and the remaining 95% will be used to activate new projects.

  2. $PAZ will also be used during the launchpad phase. Only users who hold $PAZ will be able to participate in the launchpad. Additionally, if a specific trading volume is reached during the launchpad, the amount of $PAZ held in the fee pool will be paid out as support for the project.

  3. Users can earn $PAZ while trading NFTs and use them to activate various projects. Additionally, due to $PAZ burning that takes place in the fee pool, there is a possibility that the value of $PAZ may increase which provides users with more profits.

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