X2E (Experience to Earn)

The first X2E - M2E (Move to Earn) system

Pararium is a metaverse built for mobile apps.

Through Pararium's unique concept, M2E (MOVE TO EARN), users can earn points by integrating their avatar's steps in metaverse and real-life steps and points(RIUM) earned can be exchanged for $PAZ tokens. In addition, points are accumulated for all "movements" other than walking, such as watching ads, playing games, and participating in events.

The M2E (Move to Earn) system in Pararium's metaverse is a structure where users can receive rewards simply by moving. Users can accumulate points by moving within the metaverse. When users collect a sufficient amount of points(RIUM), users can exchange them for $PAZ through external swap page (https://swap.pararium.io/). As a result, economic value is created within Pararium, which promotes user participation and forms a stronger and active community.

Pararium's competitive differentiation is its ability to onboard Web 2.0 brands. Unlike existing Web 3.0 metaverse platforms, Pararium brings our daily lives into the metaverse by providing memberships, coupons, and various shopping experiences such as brands' goods and services. Through a user-friendly mobile platform, Pararium provides a fun experience that connects the virtual and real worlds and provides incentives in the form of $PAZ tokens.

10000 steps (metaverse + reality) -> 𝛸 ≤1 RIUM -> SWAP PAGE -> 𝛶 amount of $PAZ (for basic user standard)

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