About PAZ Token

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Meaning of $PAZ

$PAZ is a digital asset that embodies two meanings, which are derived from the word 'Parts' and 'Pararium A to Z'. The term 'Parts' refers to the digital assets that are used in the Pararium ecosystem, while 'Pararium A to Z' refers the infinite possibilities and diverse experiences that the Pararium Metaverse provides.

Rebranding $TRGC to $PAZ

For scalability of Pararium's mobile metaverse platform, $TRGC was rebranded to $PAZ.
$PAZ is an integrated token that can be used for various activities within the Pararium metaverse.
The migration ratio of 1(TRGC):0.5(PAZ) was decided to preserve token value.
New changes to continuously advance in the future are essential for the stability of the Pararium ecosystem, and the introduction of $PAZ will provide more opportunities for various members of the Metaverse.

SPL Token(The token standard for Solana network tokens)

$PAZ, which is Solana blockchain based SPL token, utilizes Solana's high speed processing technology and low transaction fees to enable fast and stable transactions within the Paradium ecosystem. By utilizing the Solana blockchain, $PAZ provides a smooth and cost-effective user experience, supports the easy creation and transfer of digital assets.
In addition, partial migration will be supported for various Mainnets which will maximize the use and convenience of $PAZ.