Pararium Metaverse

Pararium Metaverse is a solution that aims to solve the existing problems of other Metaverse platforms. By providing a unique design and communication system, Pararium allows projects to communicate more easily with users. Additionally, it expands communication with the general public who are not familiar with Web 3.0 technology. Pararium also allows various projects to collaborate and to connect with each other. This whitepaper will detail the key features of Pararium that make it a unique and user-friendly metaverse platform.

Web3.0 Hub

Pararium serves as a hub for Web 3.0 projects, eliminating the need for projects to rely on traditional Web 2.0 social media platforms. With its spatial design and communication system,
Pararium allows for seamless communication between projects and users. Furthermore, Pararium expands communication with non-Web3.0 audiences, providing a space where users can connect with various projects easily.

Multi-Chain Support

Pararium supports multi-chains to provide users with various experiences. Pararium was initially started with Solana SPL, but plans to support more Mainnets such as Ethereum through partial token migration in the future.
This allows users to interact with various blockchain-based applications and earn rewards using Paralium's reward system.

The first X2E - Move-to-Earn System

Pararium provides a reward system where users can earn points(RIUM) by moving around within the platform. This Move-to-Earn (M2E) concept encourages users to be more active, as the number of points(RIUM) a user can earn per day is limited. The points earned can be exchanged for $PAZ, which is used within Pararium for various purposes. This reward system allows users to be compensated for their activity and provides a more enjoyable experience.

Diverse Content

Pararium provides various contents, including mini-games, conferences, parties, NFT transactions, and social functions. This allows users to enjoy various experiences and activities, and enjoy more diverse and enriching experiences. Pararium will continue to introduce new ideas and contents to provide users with endless new experiences.

User-Friendly Design

Pararium's user-friendly design provides comfortable and enjoyable experiences for users. With trendy characters and designs, Pararium stimulates users' interests and provides various designs to keep users engaged. Users can spend their time in Pararium comfortably and enjoyably.


Pararium Metaverse is a solution that solves the existing problems of other metaverse platforms. With its unique design and communication system, Pararium provides a space where users can easily connect with various projects and expand communication with non-Web3.0 audiences. By supporting various blockchains, providing a reward system, and diverse contents, Pararium provides unique and user-friendly metaverse experiences.