Various Content

Pararium offers a wide range of contents that can be accessed using $PAZ. Pararium provides spaces for users to freely engage in creative activities and supports them with various contents to foster even more imaginative activities. In addition, Pararium constantly adds new contents to provide users with more diverse experiences.
Emoji: Users can purchase customized emoji.
Access to videos, performances, events: Users can purchase access to videos, performances, events.
Background music: Users can purchase background music.
Props, limited edition clothes: Users can purchase props such as key-chains, stickers, posters, and more.
Character customization: Users can use $PAZ or Rium to access character customization services, making it easier for them to engage in creative activities and share their self-made characters with other users.
Through various ways of using $PAZ or Rium , $PAZ or Rium is used for (1) purchasing for corporate branding activities and (2) consumption through user activities with circulation taking place within the Pool ($PAZ)
The increase in circulation speed due to the increase in use cases leads to an increase in token value, returning rewards to all participants.
Pararium welcomes new users' ideas and plans to continuously add new contents to provide even more diverse experiences.
(Details could be fixed and change due to situations)