[TreasuresWebtoon] NFT

Kakao Entertainment X TreasuresClub


This is an introduction to the first generative webtoon NFT issued in collaboration with Kakao Entertainment. The artwork is inspired by surrealism in art and includes fantasy elements. It features the protagonist's accessories, divine creatures, and magical beasts in a fantasy setting using surrealistic techniques that transcend creation and destruction, as well as past, present, and future spatiotemporal dimensions. The generative art NFT combines the pose, items, and other elements of the protagonist's shell aristocrat and the Treasure Club master. The protagonist is from a romance fantasy genre webtoon called "The Hollowed Aristocrat" by Onejinseo, a remake of Jinseha's web novel of the same name on Kakao Page's Noblesse Comics. The webtoon depicts the journey of the protagonist, Ivana, who was thoroughly exploited and died unloved by her fiancé. However, she miraculously returns to the past and rebuilds her life. "The Hollowed Aristocrat" received positive responses from female readers for depicting a female protagonist who boldly shakes off her dependence and unhappy past and takes charge of her love and abilities. The webtoon is notable for its fresh and exotic subjects, such as "divine creatures," which are typical of the fantasy genre, and its gorgeous and lovely artwork. It has accumulated approximately 110 million views (webtoon + web novel combined) on Kakao Page and achieved high rankings in its genre.

Webtoon URL: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=53939289

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