NEW Metaverse

Problems of Existing Metaverse
In recent years, various metaverse platforms based on blockchain have emerged and gained popularity. These platforms have the potential for users to transact in a transparent and secure manner. Despite the emergence of many metaverse platforms, some services have not been able to achieve the expected growth and popularity. There are various factors that contribute to this issue, but one important issue is Traction, which is the inability to overcome growth and entry barriers for user suitability and service expansion. It is essential to address these issues and to enable users to experience a true blockchain-based metaverse in order to provide successful services in this field.

Need A Platform That Can Serve As A Hub

Currently, there is no metaverse platform that can serve as a hub for Web 3.0 projects, so users have to create new accounts every time they use a different metaverse. This is a very inconvenient problem.

Adoption of Multi-Chain Supporting Various Mainnets

Currently available Metaverse platforms do not support various Mainnets, so users sometimes cannot use the blockchain-based services they want. This is a problem that prevents users from actively participating in the metaverse.

Different content for different users

Users who are new to the metaverse need suitable content, as they may not know what to do in the metaverse. This is an important matter that allows users to stay longer and participate more actively in the metaverse.

Design and characters for Metaverse

Users want trendy and cute characters and designs, so appropriate responses are needed to their wants. This is an important matter that allows users to enjoy the metaverse more.

Boost rewards for activity

When users engage in activities in the metaverse, there is sometimes a lack of incentive systems that can lead to lower participation. This is an important matter to be addressed in order to encourage users to invest more time and effort, and to participate more actively.