$PAZ - whitepaper

Treasures Club


Treasures Club is a concept that encompasses four NFT projects. The Club contributed to increasing the value of art NFTs by discovering and collaborating with various NFT artists from the early stages of the projects to minting art collaboration NFTs. The Treasures Club has also grown by engaging in various fields, including artist drop parties, physical artwork auctions, and hosting the Treasures-M comprehensive art exhibition in the metaverse.
After witnessing the successful NFT minting and complete sell-out case of Master, various industries requested the issuance of collaboration NFTs. The Treasures Club successfully planned, minted, and sold movie, webtoon, entertainment, beauty, and sports collaboration NFTs in cooperation with companies and brands such as NEW, Kakao Entertainment, Channel A, LG Household & Health Care, and MBN. Through these efforts, the club achieved remarkable results in various fields and gained much attention in the NFT market.
Treasures Club Masters will be migrating to the Solana chain on September 1, 2023. Treasures Club Masters holders will receive various benefits as VIPs in Pararium.
To continuously increase the value of NFTs minted in mobile games, including Fishing Park, the Treasures Club is building Treasures Universe, a metaverse platform where holders can engage in various activities such as gaming, shopping, and exhibitions with NFTs. Furthermore, $PAZ is building the Pararium Metaverse and continuously airdropping $TRGC to the club holders for existing users' invitations. Existing $TRGC will soon migrate to $PAZ.

1.1 Treasures Club Master NFT

"Master" is the first NFT project of Treasure's Club, which combines rare treasures that penetrate artistic backgrounds and human history, with a total of 16,384 NFTs Minted.

1.2 TreasuresCine

"특송" is a generative movie NFT published based on the movie starring Park So-dam, which was released on January 12, 2022, in collaboration with NEW. Inspired by pop art, which can best represent the genre of comprehensive art targeting the public.

1.3 TreasuresWebtoon(빈껍데기 공작부인 NFT)

It is the first generative webtoon NFT in Korea, published in collaboration with Kakao Entertainment. Created as a collaboration artwork with fantasy elements inspired by surrealism in art. Combining the expression techniques of surrealism that transcend the time and space of creation and destruction, past-present-future, the elements of the protagonist's accessories, gods, and monsters are combined with the pose, items, and other elements of the Treasure's Club master in a generative art NFT.

1.4 CITYANGLER(The Fishermen and the City NFT)

Channel A and Treasure's Club have agreed to cooperate in the field of NFTs, metaverse, etc., and have selected Channel A's "The Fishermen and the City" as the first NFT issuance target IP. It is the first meta-universe theme park of Korea's first entertainment NFT and Treasure's Club.