AVATAR Customization + STATS

OUTFITS: Some clothings can be used to customize avatars in Pararium using Rium points and $PAZ. This can be done by changing into different outfits, purchasing limited edition clothing from specific brands in the Pararium and some may fuction as reward boosters. STATS : Speed : Increases the speed of walking in the metaverse

Health : Health points that allows you to walk more than 10000 steps (adds up 10000 steps max)

LUCK : Increased chance to receive random chests, more random rewards, periodic rewards, and etc.

Strength : Allows you to push other avatars or 'things' in the Metaverse. Higher stamina increases pushing and ground holding power(endurance).

The above 4 stats are applied to the avatar. Equiping NFT items, in-app items may change avatars' stat.

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