Hub of Web2 to Web3

Empowering Web3.0 with Collaboration of Web2.0

Pararium aims to be a platform that allows businesses and users from various industries to make transition easily to Web 3.0. To achieve this, Pararium utilizes various blockchain technologies to increase security and transparency, supporting safer transactions for users.
Additionally, Pararium aims to create a platform that can generate new value by connecting various cryptocurrency assets, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To support these goals, Pararium offers NFTs that can be used in various areas. For example, by providing NFTs such as in-game items, users can have more diverse gaming experiences. Furthermore, Pararium contributes to increasing the value of art works by utilizing NFTs in the art industry.
Pararium also provides services through collaboration with Web 2.0 companies.
For example, Pararium collaborates with e-commerce companies to support secure blockchain transactions. Through such collaborations, users can enjoy the same experiences as before while still benefiting from the security and transparency advantages of blockchain technology. Pararium offers support to make it easy for users to make transition to Web 3.0. For example, by supporting the easy creation and use of blockchain wallets, users can more easily utilize the advantages of blockchain technology and enjoy the benefits of Pararium.

PAZ Partnership and Governance Expansion

The PAZ is used as a pool to help stabilize the network and support ecosystem expansion. Not only do we accumulate some of the fees incurred within the existing ecosystem in the community, but we also leverage these pools to expand community pool support for stable price maintenance and expansion. In addition, PAZ governance will determine the services proposed to the ecosystem through content proposals and propose close connections to enrich Pool according to service contributions. Tokens accumulated within community pools are used to expand and protect the PAZ chain ecosystem. Initially, the community pool will be operated for the stability of the chain and content selection points, but will be operated around proposals focusing on chain expansion in the future. Examples of community proposals include.
PAZ Launch Pad Proposal
The PAZ Launchpad proposal is a withdrawal proposal to select and directly support the platform dApp project to build a new ecosystem in the PAZ chain. The Native Contents Proposal will also lead to continued content expansion, allowing new dApp projects to settle in the PAZ chain ecosystem.
$PAZ Governance Proposal
The $PAZ Launchpad proposal finally builds an ecosystem related to partnership and governance, with each company onboarding to grow into a platform for building a new ecosystem in the PAZ chain.