What is Pararium Metaverse?

Pararium: An Open Metaverse Platform Connected by Multi-Chain Technology

Pararium provides an environment where users can easily own and trade contents through blockchain technology. It will create a differentiated economic system that can generate new value. It provides an environment where the public can directly participate in content creation, improve user convenience and make it easier to use metaverse and blockchain technology.
Although Pararium is a project for Web 3.0 users, it is gradually becoming a metaverse that enables users who are not interested in Web 3.0 to participate in. Pararium supports the public to engage in more creative activities and will continue to create an environment where Web 3.0 technology can be efficiently utilized.
There are a total of four unique species in the Pararium ecosystem.
They are represented by Unicorn (CONZ), Reptiles (ZARD), Flowers (PETAL), and Sprouts (ASPROUT). Users can choose among four species that they want to play with when first login and the items that can be customized vary slightly depending on the species. If desired, users may purchase and change their appearance to a different species at any time.
pararium one page


Map UI
In the initial version of Pararium, a single Point is set as the starting point where the user arrives when they access the location. The map will gradually expand to provide various access points, allowing users to easily move to their desired location and have a more diverse experience.
The Pararium Map provides various locations and contents to support users in their creative activities. Additionally, various designs and themes are offered so that users can have new experiences on maps with themes they desire. Through Pararium Map, Pararium provides impossible experiences in real life and offers users a variety of fun experiences. The Pararium Map will continue to expand, and new cities will be developed once in a specific period. Each city is composed of various options such as size, access points, billboards, and occupancy space, and occupancy rights can be purchased with Pararium Points. Occupancy rights can be traded between users within Pararium in the future.
Furthermore, users can build their buildings in spaces with occupancy rights, and building purchases can be made with KITs provided by Pararium. Building KITs can be purchased using $PAZ. Pararium provides a space for users to demonstrate their creativity and technical skills. Also, Pararium constantly strives to provide new content and features for users to have more exciting experiences.