Connecting Users and Providing fun
Pararium is a social platform that provides an environment where users can communicate and interact in various spaces. Through this platform, users can obtain information that matches their preferences and tendencies, as well as enjoy various events and games with other users.

Convention hall

The convention hall is a space in the Pararium metaverse that offers a new way for users to exchange cultures, projects, and information. Various events are held, such as project exchanges, AMA sessions, and new project introductions. Through these events, users can acquire new information and interact with diverse individuals.

Party room

Unlike the convention hall, the party room is a space where users can gather to play and enjoy. Numerous events and various mini-games are prepared, and users can enjoy them with other users. Additionally, the party room is utilized as a space where users can freely share their stories.
The donate feature is a function that allows users to support artists or influencers. Users can use $PAZ to support the activities of artists or influencers, become their fans, and get closer to them.
Pararium aims to provide high-quality sound for voice function. Users can enjoy vivid communication through voice chat using the voice function.