Empowering Users to Advertise and Monetize Their Presence in Pararium Metaverse
Users can purchase billboards for advertisement within the Pararium metaverse to promote their products or services and to generate revenue. Payments for billboard purchases and advertisement can be made using $PAZ.
Advanced AD System in Pararium (TBD)
$PAZ is expected to play various roles within Pararium and diversified assets and revenue can be expected to increase the demand for $PAZ. For example, the development of Pararium's new city project may increase demand for $PAZ. As the map of Pararium is made up of hexagonal shapes, it can be expanded into new areas, and the governance will conduct voting to determine which areas will be developed. Owners of $PAZ will have the power to vote during this process, and after the selection of an area, voting will be conducted to determine the location of the advertising billboard within the new area.
Users can also purchase advertising billboards to become owners and receive advertising proposals from advertisers. While the owners of the billboards will receive all the payments from the ad, they can also negotiate with the advertiser to pay a portion of $PAZ to users who view the ads, increasing the effectiveness of the ads.
Through this system, Pararium activates its ecosystem and $PAZ within Pararium Metaverse and encourages user participation and contribution. Pararium is exploring various possibilities for the future, and this system offers unique opportunities for users to promote themselves and earns revenue within the Metaverse.